Visual Privacy Advisory Council

What is
visual hacking
why should
you care?

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Somebody sneaks a peek at something they shouldn't be seeing, and you've been visually hacked. It's that easy. Organizations spend millions on IT security but do little to prevent the display of sensitive, proprietary and confidential data in plain sight. Failing to address this vulnerability can put any organization at risk. The Visual Privacy Advisory Council is a group of data privacy and security thought leaders dedicated to raising awareness of this issue and promoting best practices and policies to prevent costly visual hacking attacks.

What is a visual
Privacy policy and
why should you
have one?

A visual privacy policy outlines the specific actions, procedures and best practices your organization requires from employees to prevent the display of important data and information in plain sight. Instituting such a policy is one of the most effective steps you can take to prevent a visual hacking attack.

Visual Privacy Readiness Checklist

Facts About
Visual Hacking

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  • Require Privacy Filters on Devices
  • Implement a Clear Desk Policy
  • Reduce Screen Brightness in Public